Monday, October 10, 2016

Schedule Update, Questions, Comments, and Concerns


Hi folks.
Here is what I look like in case you have forgotten.

If I am frustrated with the plethora of "college closed" and "no classes" days as well as my absences, which means we have not been able to meet "face to face" hardly at all, then I know you all must be doubly frustrated. So, here is what we are going to do to rectify the situation: 1) All grades to date will have been posted by 10/19 in Blackboard; 2) since I am receiving questions via email, notes in my box and so on (which is very confusing all around) I am opening a forum to address all concerns (of course you may also talk to me in person, but we do not meet again for a bit, so this is faster). In the forum you may ask questions anonymously and I will check them daily (usually at 6am or thereabouts, of not more often) and respond to each and every one. Even though the forum is anonymous, please be polite. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Additionally, If you have not been here in a while be sure to check below for any assignments you might have missed. It is easy to find them by looking at the "Comments" links. If there are comments, there was an assignment. Due to the wonky schedule, anything completed by 10/19 will not be considered late.

Questions, Comments, Complaints: HERE. To comment anonymously, be sure you SIGN OUT of Google/Blogger. If you accidentally post something you regret Reply to your own post with "DELETE ME" in all caps. You should be able to delete your own post, but that does not always work.

10/18 Proposal of Major Contribution. 20 edits. No reds. Edits in Sandboxes or on Talk Pages are fine. Print User History (as directed) and submit. 
10/25 Interactions on Wikipedia. Hopefully our librarians can assist this day.
11/1 Research and Writing
11/3  Research and Writing
11/8 Mid-term Reflection Essay.  Yes, Thursday is a Tuesday part II. We meet twice in a week.
11/15  Research and Writing
11/22  Submissions and Publication
11/29  Submissions and Publication
12/6 Final Reflectiven Essay
12/13 and 12/14 Conferences 9-5 all day

ON GRADES. Your grades to date will be posted on Blackboard. There was some trouble with the shell for the course. I will have individual conferences with any students who are concerned about their grades once they are posted. 


  1. This is the forum for general question, comments, and concerns. If you want to post anonymously, be sure to "log out" of Google/Blogger before posting.

    1. I am concerned about work not being properly announced. I haves checked the syllabus and the previous announcement and i have not seen anything regarding a essay. Can you please be more clear on what essay you are referring to.

    2. I am worried about the learning process of the stubs and the assignments because of the gaps of weeks we didn't have to meet, which i worry can affect anyone's grade.

  2. I will start: Dr. Smith, why have we missed so many classes?

  3. Two things-- 1) CUNY has a LOT of Tuesdays with the college closed. I had to set my teaching schedule months before the college calendar came out. If I had known, I would have scheduled differently (aka Thursday). 2) I have a service connected disability and when the VA calls for me to come in, I have to go or I risk losing benefits. They called, I went, so I missed class. It is rather like Jury Duty or an NYCHA appointment.

  4. And another--Why don't you comment on our online posts?

    1. The online posting takes the place of small group work in a regular classroom. You have questions and discuss them and I just listen in (or "lurk" in this case) and use your discussions online as the basis for discussions when we meet as a class.

    2. In my experience, me "jumping in" all the time means I take over and everyone else shuts down and just agrees with me.

  5. For me I having a hard time figuring out what to do and it driving insanely. Plus can you explain to me what to do.

  6. Sure. A) Do not go insane. The CUNY schedule is insane, not you. B) by the end of the next in-class meeting you should be familiar with the basics of Wikipedia, have worked out your Sandbox basics, checked out the Talk pages on articles you are interested in, and respond to the questions in the Comments on the posts below this one.

  7. Hello Professor,

    My Account was blanked. We spoke in class. The username is Dkhubba94. My Name is Devendra Khubba.


  8. Hello Professor,

    I am a little confused about this up coming Tuesday, I can't see the grade on Blackboard unless your still working on them, and because we didn't have class last week do you still want us to come in this week? because from what I understood was that if we were okay with our grades was that we did not have to come in on the 12th of Dec. so I just wanted to make sure if we are suppose to come in or not?


  9. Hi, how are we supposed to know if you saw our wiki page and if you graded it?